Meet the Artisans

Maw Maw Lwin

  • President – Myanmar Women Craft Producers Association (MWCPA)
  • Local Area Coordinator (Sewing) Kyittee village, Myaing Township

Maw Maw Lwin is current President of Myanmar Women Craft Producers Association. She lives with her parents and her niece and nephew.

“All producers treat each others with respect. I never thought this would happen. I have never done this before and I am nervous to talk. But I have more confidence and feel more secure in my family and my community. I want to keep going and learning.”

“I am the president of the association now. I feel useful and helpful because I can teach other women how to improve. I feel happy and confident, and I do not have to look for day jobs.”

Malar San

  •  Vice-President – Myanmar Women Craft Producers Association (MWCPA)
  • Local Area Coordinator (Rattan) Bagan Myaw village, Pakokku Township

Malar San is a skillful rattan producer and vice-president of MWCPA, who looking after her sick father.

“Because of our culture and our tradition we face a lot of difficulty as a woman. There are a lot of restrictions.  Also when we work with men doing the same construction work, the men get paid more. And, even if we have the same skill as men, we cannot become a village leader.”

“Now we are learning how to be leaders and listen to everyone. We were blind before, but now we can see that things can be different. We want to find a way to respect our culture and move forward.”

Nyo Nyo San

  •  Auditor – Myanmar Women Craft Producers Association (MWCPA)
  • Master Trainer (Weaving) Htan-Ta-Pin village, Pakokku Township

Nyo Nyo San is a married lady and a mother of 3 children who start working as a weaver since her teenage. She start joined to MBoutik as a skillful weaver since 2014.

“I live with my husband, three children, mother and aunt. I can now work for home and take care of my children.”

“Sometimes I help my husband in farming. We have 10 acres but sometimes we cannot grow much because of the weather. Now, thanks to MBoutik, I feel good about having my own income, and it is almost as much as my husband. It gives us more secure and got more involvement in the social activities. “

Aye Hla

  • Committee Member – Myanmar Women Craft Producers Association (MWCPA)
  • Jewellery Producer (Kanma Village, Pakokku Township)

Aye Hla is a leader of jewellery producers from Kanma village and also a member of MWCPA management committee.

“I cannot tell you how satisfied and proud I feel to able to earn my own income. I can work from home and take care of my family.”

“Being a leader in the MWCPA has taught me how to communicate and work with people. I know how to calculate cost and price and can take care of the group’s income. I did not know how to do any of this before. ”

“I never thought I could be this kind of woman, who is learning new things and teaching others what I am learning.”